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We have been extremely fortunate to inherit a land that has always given great wines, our only task is to continue to be winemakers and transmit our profession to the generations that follow us. To do this we must put the utmost respect to what is most important to us: working the land in a simple, clean and healthy way. For this very important reason we are now in biological conversion. For many years we have abandoned the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers, replacing them with mechanical processing and sowing of leguminous green manure plants, and by fully adhering to this philosophy we have asked for the biological certification of an external institute. The taste of the area of ​​origin is the thing that interests us most to carry on, that is the scent of the land that enters, unique and unparalleled, in our wines. Every use of substances coming from the outside would be to affect and affect changing the taste of origin. We are ever so confident in the “tastes” of this territory that, starting from the 2013 harvest, fermentation occurs spontaneously in our cellars thanks to natural territorial yeasts, eliminating the need for starter yeasts.

Sustainable Agriculture - Organic


In 2009 we started a more respectful agriculture, getting closer to organic farming. Today we can finally talk about real organic agriculture: today we are BIO certified. Respect for the land is essential for a normal farmer aware that after him other people will continue the work he himself has inherited from the previous generation. It is our philosophy as farmers to respect and maintain the integrity of this magnificent and unique territory, ensuring its abundance for future generations. We therefore eliminate the use of chemical herbicides by using plows and grubbers for weed control. Moreover, we continue the ancient green manure practice by sowing alternating rows of legumes and grasses, a natural method to enrichen the soildecades, many farmers have loosened direct farmer-to-land contact for many reasons, the biggest belief that has depended on a disruptive force of the chemical industry that has invaded the countryside with sellers in white coats who have dazed and bewildered us farmers . It is now clear to everyone that it is the typicality of a wine, the taste of the soil, which can only lead to an added value of the product obtained and it is equally clear that the additions of chemical products modify this taste, for better or worse. they modify and make lose the primitive character given by the earth, by the area, by the denomination. It is for this reason that in Capezzana we returned to agricultural practices that were in normal use not many tens of years back. It is not a return to prehistory but only to a different awareness, more down to earth. With this SEMPLICE method of doing agriculture you have less nuisances and the conscience is much quieter, certain not to do the maximum but not to do irreparable damage, certain to leave, to those who follow us, what we have found. Certain to leave still fertile land and not a mountain of poisoned and sterile plastic. In this writing we have never spoken of "integrated struggle" because it is absurd and losing in the beginning to speak of "struggle" against nature. Nature is too much stronger than us. Better to speak of "integrated respect." Vittorio Contini Bonacossi


Continuare a essere vignaiuoli e a tramandare il nostro mestiere. Sempre nel rispetto della terra.