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The Contini Bonacossi Family


In the early part of the twentieth century Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi with his wife Vittoria and sons Augusto Alessandro and Vittorina returned to Italy from Spain, where he was dedicated to the antiques market of the highest level that allowed him to start putting together his own private arts collection which would later become one of the largest private collections of Italian paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics. After his death, in his will he dedicated the core of this exceptional collection to the Italian State, which today is an integral part of the Uffizi Gallery; preserved in ten halls, open only by appointment. In the twenties Alessandro bought the property Capezzana, then expanded with the purchase by the two neighboring farms "The Poggetto" and "Trefiano" from marquis Aman Niccolini. Capezzana Estate was born: divided into 3 Estates and more than 120 farms, dedicated to the production of high-quality wine and olive oil. Alessandro's passion for collecting led him to store bottles so that today Capezzana boasts a collection of historic vintages since 1925. In 1945 Augusto Alessandro was joined by his son Ugo, a veteran of the war who took a degree in agriculture. That gradually took the direction of the estate and converted it from sharecropping to modern company.


Siamo un'azienda, ma prima di tutto una famiglia.